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Staff 2012-2013

Primary Division:

Kelly Myers

Donna Connolly

Melcha Flanders

Karey Robinson

Polly Aitken

Marcda Petit-Frere

Renelle Bourgoin (LTO – Natalie Saunders)

Jen Meadows (LTO – Marna Durante)

Erin Cavill

Junior Division:

Shona Pentland

Steph Clarke

Cynthia Bolivar

Vanessa Collins

Geraldina Van Bergen

Intermediate Division:

Melanie Hines

Sean Burrows

Mahmoud Mehrez

Felix Awgu

Nick Janna

Student Support Team:

Lisa Baker Toor

Todd Houston

Sheila Ferri

Phil Frechette

Jila Afagh

Core French and ETFI Team:

Janet McRae

Fazilette Ben

Karen Martin (LTO – Erin Kristalyn)

Erin Paynter

Phil Frechette

Educational Assistants:

Amanda Flanagan

Shari Fisher

Amber Wood

Administrative Team:

Cheryl Bauman-Buffone, Principal

Erin Paynter, Vice-Principal

Lynette Beck, Office Administrator

Sue Knapp, Office Assistant/Library Technician

Donny Domenico,  Chief Custodian

Bob Bull, Evening Custodian

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