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Parent & Family Workshop Questionnaire

  1. Veronica permalink

    (I am not sure where to post the following comment, so feel free to move it and remove this sentence in bracket).

    We want to commend the school for the recent Luv2Groove dancing and blues music demo. Great ideas. Our child was excited and talked about it at home. The dancing demo gave us an idea for an activity to look forward to for the summer camp.

    If the children cannot go to field trips because of labour issues, then why not bring the “field trips” to the school !

    EPPS and the school council could look into similar “onsite field trips”. Some suggestions:

    – Badminton demo from the Soong Badminton Academy (
    – Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo (
    – Pottery, clay making hands-on demo.
    – Singing lessons, choir singing, band music demo.
    – Improv
    – Cartooning, movie making, animation.
    – Martial arts demo.

  2. Jen permalink

    These “onsite field trips” motivate the students and stimulate their interests. Some band musicians stayed longer and gave lessons to a class. The children, in turn, learned music and gave a concert to the school, which was wonderful.

    We need more of these onsite field trips at EPPS. They are convenient and benefit the whole school (perhaps even cost-effective, more students can participate, no need for bus logistics, can be done indoor in the winter, etc…)

    Some more suggestions:

    – Rope skipping/jumping demo by the Ottawa Acro Ropers, .

    – Band music demo and lessons by the Ottawa Youth Orchestra Academy (OYOA), . They focus on music education for young children. Children should have a chance to learn music which improves their learning ability in many areas of language and math. Music is part of the Ontario school curriculum.

    – Choir demo by the Ottawa Children’s Choir (OCC), . Every child is born with a free musical instrument: their voice.

    – Badminton by Soong Badminton Academy, .

    – Pottery, drama, theatre, visual arts demo by the Nepean Visual Arts Centre, the Shenkman Arts Centre (, and the Nepean Creative Arts Centre.

    – Taekwondo by Tae E. Lee, .

    – Real Programming 4 Kids , .

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