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About EPPS


Welcome to the Elizabeth Park Public School blog! We trust that you will find the site informative and useful. While the site provides information, we also see it as an invitation and we welcome you into the Elizabeth Park School Community.

 We are developing and refining ‘Big Ideas’ to guide student learning. We use Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum and support documents as our foundation. You can access these same resources through the Ministry’s website. You might want to view the various expert panel reports in literacy and numeracy and then move on to Education for All, K-6. Beyond the Ministry’s resources, our plans are made in consideration of our community demographics; our individual and collective perceptions; the evidence of student learning to date; and the school practices we use to accomplish our goals. You are welcome to join us ‘at the table’ as we work together for our children. You might decide to participate in discussions during our School Council meetings or book a time to visit with your child’s teacher, the vice principal, Erin Paynter, or myself. We invite you to work and celebrate with us because helping children to learn is our passion and we are enthusiastic about sharing the excitement and accomplishments. Our own district’s mission statement sums up our work well – Educating for Success, Inspiring Learning, and Building Citizenship.

Presently we are focusing on one very important ‘Big Idea’ and that is preparing our students to be global citizens. We want our students to feel well prepared for life and we accomplish this by equipping each child’s ‘cognitive’ backpack. Our Ministry support documents and other professional publications describe in detail the skills, qualities, and habits of mind which will serve our children well in an uncertain future. Here are some of the ‘tools’ that should be found in every child’s ‘cognitive’ backpack.

Thinking Skills:

Focusing (define, articulate, clarify, identify)

Information Gathering







Character Traits:

 Acceptance, appreciation, empathy








We focus our energies on teaching children enduring values, habits of mind, and essential understandings and then encourage the children to apply their learning creatively in new experiences. Ultimately, we want our children to know themselves, their strengths and needs and to move through life happy and confident in their abilities and beliefs and to become contributing citizens in our global community.

Our School

Elizabeth Park P.S. was built by the Department of National Defense in 1963 to serve the children of Canadian Forces Base Uplands.  In 1989, Elizabeth Park P.S. and its staff joined the Carleton Board of Education and subsequently the newly formed Ottawa-Carleton District School Board in the early 1990s.  Our school continues to serve the children of Canadian Forces personnel in addition to students from the Windsor Park and new Findlay Creek neighborhoods.

Elizabeth Park P.S. strives to foster a caring, inclusive environment, which encourages and celebrates excellence.  To that end, each member of our school community is encouraged to help create an inclusive school climate, which is inviting and supportive of each individual. Similarly, each member of our school community is encouraged to help implement teaching/learning strategies which emphasize high expectations and excellence for each student. We are ready to welcome you!

Hours of Operation

School Hours : 9:00- 3:30

Office Hours: 8:30-4:00

Elizabeth Park P.S. follows the Balanced Day model which replaces the traditional midday lunch with two nutrition breaks. At Elizabeth Park P.S., the morning nutrition break begins at 11:00 a.m. and is followed by the morning recess from 11:20 until 11:45 a.m. In the afternoon, we break for nutrition at 1:25 p.m. and then head outside at 1:45 for a recess break which wraps up at 2:10 p.m. There are several advantages to the Balanced Day model but we value the larger instructional blocks which enhance instruction and learning.

Our Students 

Elizabeth Park P.S. currently has an enrolment of 311 students, representing over 14 countries and languages. Due to the unique nature of military family life, many of our children are well traveled and have a good understanding of the various geographic regions of Canada. The influence and benefit of these life experiences is evident in all of our classrooms. Characteristic of many urban communities, Elizabeth Park P.S. is becoming an increasingly diverse community which is helping our children to understand global citizenship and to develop the life skills necessary for contributing and succeeding in the twenty-first century.  

Students graduating from Elizabeth Park attend Ridgemont High School, Canterbury High School, Ottawa Technical Learning Centre, and Sir Guy Carleton Secondary School.

Our Staff

Our teaching staff brings strong academic qualifications, teaching experience, and diverse talents to meet the needs of the students.  We appreciate and benefit from the linguistic and cultural diversity within our team. Our teaching staff is supported by an experienced, welcoming and professional office staff and building maintenance team.  Our school community is also supported by a broad range of educational specialists and administrative and building maintenance services provided by the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board.

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