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The Big 5

From Shannon Smith‘s blog (Shannoninottawa), a fellow VP in our district:

The Ottawa Carleton District School Board’s “Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement” (BIPSA) includes a key strategy focused on creative, innovative, and critical thinking and problem-solving.  During a fall session of our leadership PLCs,  we explored the question, “What does effective instruction look like, feel like and sound like for all students in our classrooms?” five strategies surfaced in our answers again and again:

  • The TASK engages learners.
  • FEEDBACK guides learners.
  • CRITERIA informs learners.
  • MODERATION supports learners.
  • DIFFERENTIATION invites learners.

Underlying these “Big Five” strategies were 3 key elements:

  • engagement of students, staff and parents/guardians
  • relationships as a community of learners
  • happiness/joy of learning

As a staff at Elizabeth Park PS, we have been working collaboratively to implement the components of the Big 5 in our daily teaching and learning. We have been focusing and exploring how to create engaging tasks for our students that invite critical inquiry and creative thinking. Our focus for 2012-2013 will continue to be the task but also how we can give our students timely, qualitative feedback to guide their learning and our teaching.

The BIG FIVE Pamphlet

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