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Welcome Back to the 2011-2012 Year at EPPS!

September 3, 2011

I don’t know about you, but I think I blinked and my summer was over!  I hope everyone had a fantastic time with family enjoying the down time and the fabulous weather.  The staff at Elizabeth Park is eagerly awaiting the return of our students for an exciting and prosperous 2011-2012! This past week the office and the classrooms were buzzing with activity as we finalized class lists, prepared classrooms, caught up with colleagues and families, and marveled at the wonderful work of our custodial staff in getting the school in tip-top shape for Tuesday.

Here is some information for grades 1-8 for the first day of school on Tuesday, September 6, 2011:

  • Buses for grades 1-8 will begin running on Tuesday.  For bus and stop information, please see the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority website by clicking on the link on the right side of this page. Senior kindergarten students will begin taking the bus on Thursday, September 8, their first day of school.
  • At 8:45, teachers will be outside with class lists to meet the students and begin organizing them according to classes.  Students in grades 1-3, including grade 4 students in grade 3/4, will meet their teachers in the primary yard located at the south end of the school near the church.  Students in grade 4-8 will gather on the paved yard at the east entrance, between the school and the portables.  There will be many staff members around to help students who are unsure as to where to go, and the office can also help students find their classes.  At the 9:00 bell, classes will enter the school and head to their rooms.  Parents are welcome to come for 8:45 with the child(ren) and wait, and at 9:00 you are invited to the school front foyer for a breakfast with Mrs. Paynter and Mr. Slesar.  We ask that you not follow your child to their class so that they become accustomed to their routines.
  • If Tuesday morning ends up being wet and rainy, all students will gather in the gymnasium between 8:45 and 9:00 to meet their teachers.
  • Students in kindergarten and grade 1 will receive a bus tag with their first name and bus route number (for home) and colour for their backpack.  This allows the teachers, bus monitors and drivers to ensure that all our youngest students are getting on the correct buses.  Please note that kindergarten students will not be released from the bus unless met by a parent, or other trusted adult as arranged with the driver by a parent.  Parents may arrange to have an older sibling or student (grade 5 or older)  accompany the kindergarten child home as well.
  • There is a school fee of $20 per child, but this is strictly voluntary.  All students in grades 1-8 will receive an agenda.
  • Students in grade 4-8 (including grade 3 students in a grade 3/4 class) will be learning the ukulele this year as part of the music program.  A class set of ukuleles has been purchased, but families may wish to purchase one for their own children (optional) at St. John’s Music on Merivale Road by the CJOH building. The cost is around $27.00.
  • It is imperative that you contact our office or speak with your child’s teacher as soon as possible regarding any serious and/or life-threatening medical conditions that your child may have.  Forms will be sent home to fill out or update.  Please return this information promptly, along with any medicine necessary (i.e., EpiPens).

We look forward to a rewarding and exhilarating year together.  We are always open to parents joining our School Council, so we hope to see you later this month!  Please feel free to contact the school should you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Paynter and Mr. Slesar

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