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Educating for the Future

February 25, 2011

At the January and February School Council meetings, there was rich discussion around school improvement, collaborative problem-solving and higher-order thinking, and how we can best support and equip our children for the future.

Please use this video to begin a discussion with your family and your community.  What are the implications for teaching and learning?  What about the role of technology, or the ability of children to someday go out into the workforce and be able to navigate it successfully?

Thanks to a fellow colleague in the OCDSB, Vice-Principal Shannon Smith, for sharing the following video on her blog:  The video comes from the New Brunswick Department of Education and adds to the discussion:

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  1. nathan permalink

    does this have something to do with are school or is it a fun fact

    • Hi Nathan,
      Thanks for your question. I think the video has a lot to do with school – with how students your age are learning, how teachers are teaching and how the world for which we and your parents are preparing you is changing so quickly! The change in technology can be intimidating for some of us adults, but students are so comfortable with it, and the way you and your friends communicate with each other, and learn, is so different than how we adults learned, it can sometimes make it very challenging for us to use technology to help you in school. What do you think about technology in school?
      Have a great day!
      Mrs. Paynter

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