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Student leadership at the Park

February 10, 2011

We value students taking a leadership role in our school.  One of the ways we have been supporting this is through the PALS program, which stands for Playground Activity Leaders in Schools.  This initiative has been running at our school since late fall under the guidance of Ms. Pam Wilson.  A team of junior-aged PALS partner with a primary class each morning recess to play cooperative games.  The teams and primary classrooms rotate through a set schedule. Ms. Wilson wrote:

PALS stands for Playground Activity Leaders in Schools. The 3 main goals of running a PALS program in our school are:

  • to encourage students to be physically active;
  • to prevent bullying on the playground; and,
  • to give opportunities for students to develop leadership skills.

The benefits of being a PALS leaders are:

  • learn new games and have fun;
  • become a more confident leader;
  • make new friends;
  • feel good about helping younger students play games; and,
  • learn how to solve problems and respond to bullying situations

We thank Ms. Wilson for all her hard work.  Our PALS have been doing a wonderful job of engaging our young students in safe and cooperative play.

~Mrs. Paynter

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